Writings and Commentaries

Commentaries in the Pilgrim Way Commentary Series and other writings from Dr. John Cereghin  

The Pilgrim Way Commentary Series

It has long been a burden of Dr. Cereghin that few Bible Believing students of Scripture are writing commentaries today.  Before the demise of the Christian Book Store, you could enter one and see plenty of Christian Romance Novels and other “fluff” writings, but few commentaries. The Pilgrim Way Commentary Series seeks to make a contribution in that area.

All commentaries are based solely on the Authorized Version of the Bible with no changes to the text. There are two versions of commentaries.  One version are full commentaries, such as on Song of Solomon, Romans and Revelation.  The second type are expanded marginal note commentaries.  There are my marginal notes collected from over 30 years of reading and studying, with additional material included.

Most importantly, all commentaries are FREE!  “Freely as ye have received, freely give” (Matthew 10:8). All you need is Adobe PDF software. There is no copyright.  I would simply ask for Christian ethics if you should quote or use any of this material.

The Pilgrim Way Marginal Note Commentary on Genesis 1-3– bring revised. I will post portions of Genesis that we are currently studying through in our Wednesday night studies, to be expanded over time.

The Pilgrim Way Marginal Note Commentary on Exodus 

The Pilgrim Way Commentary on the Song of Solomon

The Pilgrim Way Commentary on Daniel

The Pilgrim Way Commentary on Philippians

The Pilgrim Way Commentary on the Epistles of John

A Outline of the Sabbath

The Errors of Replacement Theology Outline

The Doctrine of Repentance Outline

An Outline of the Doctrine of the Antichrist

NETTLETON VERSES FINNEY : The Shift in American Evangelism 1820-1830. This book is an examination of the Second Great Awakening and the damage done to evangelism and the understanding of revival by Charles Finney.