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and Grace Baptist Church of Smyrna, Delaware
Welcome to the homepage of Grace Baptist Church of Smyrna, Delaware!  I am Pastor John Cereghin.  Our Church is located at the corner of
Union and Frazier Streets in Smyrna, Delaware, at 121 S. Union Street.
We are a small church, with 35 members.  We support 15 missionaries in 11 countries.  We are also the sending church for the Brian Pratt Family
in India.

If you are looking for a Baptist church that takes a stand against the Contemporary Christianity of our day, stands firmly upon the King James
Bible, and adopts a separatist stand, we invite you to contact us, either by e-mail (the best way) at
pastor@pilgrimway.org or by calling the church
office at 302-653-6348 (leave a message on our machine).
Looking for a good church in Federalsburg, Maryland?  Visit Good News Baptist Church, at 114 Morris Avenue in Federalsburg, Pastor Tom
Bromwell.  Email us for more details.
Our Distinctives:
1. Traditional worship/non-contemporary
2. King James Bible
3. Classical hymns, sacred/traditional music
4. Missionary
5. Promoting Remnant Christianity
6. Neither Calvinistic nor Arminian
Service Times
Sunday School - 10:00 AM
Sunday Morning Service- 11:00 AM
Sunday Evening Service - 6:00 PM
Wednesday Bible Study and Prayer - 7:00 PM
Updated  February 6, 2016
Our radio program, "The Pilgrim Way Broadcast", is on FBCRadio.org, the webradio station of Foundations Bible College in
Dunn, North Carolina, Mondays at 9:45 AM and 9:45 PM Eastern Time.
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Next Family Night- Friday, February 26 at 7 PM
Pilgrim Way Commentary Revelation revised and corrected edition is now available, 307 pages, 150,000 words,
all free!  You can download it
Grace Baptist Church was started in the providence of God in 1973.  God allowed us to purchase our current building in 1979, which was built
in 1907 and was originally a Methodist church.  Pastor Cereghin is the third pastor in Grace's history, starting his ministry here in 1998 after
serving as Academic Dean of Maryland Baptist Bible College of Elkton, Maryland and after having served in pastorates in Centreville,
Maryland and Mebane, North Carolina.

Grace Baptist’s heritage is ancient, going all the way back to the Apostolic Age.  Baptists are not Reformed and did not start in the
Reformation (so we are not Protestant as Baptists predate the Protestant Reformation).  We claim, as part of our spiritual heritage, the grand
old groups such as the Donatists, the Albigensians, the Waldensians, the old Swiss and German Anabaptists, the Mennonites and Brethren,  
and similar groups.  

Grace Baptist Church once identified with Biblical Fundamentalism, but we are very uncertain of that identification today.  Baptist
Fundamentalism has apostatized from its grand heritage and is largely unrecognizable from what it was even 20 years ago.  Many neo-
Fundamentalists have abandoned the King James Bible, separation, and godly music and have adopted Contemporary Christianity.  That
grand old movement is dead.  Grace Baptist is a part of a “post-Fundamentalist” movement which Pastor Cereghin refers to as “Remnant
Christianity”, signifying the numerical smallness and spiritual humility of such churches and Christians.  We make no great claims for
ourselves and we have no aspirations for worldly greatness.  Our only desire is to preach Christ and Him Crucified and to remain faithful to
the Scriptures in this corrupt generation.  We identify ourselves as a Bible Believing, Remnant Baptist Church, standing on the King James
Bible as the preserved word of God in English.

You will find at Grace Baptist a small but precious congregation of believers.  We sing the old hymns of the faith and the psalms.  We preach
and teach from the King James Bible.  We practice ecclesiastical and personal separation from sin and error.  We support missions both here
in the United States and worldwide.  We emphasize the preaching of the Word of God and prayer above all.  We invite you to visit us if you are
in the central Delmarva.

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